Amazing Selfie Proposal—This Is What Love in Real Life Looks Like

I must say that I am a hopeless romantic. I love to watch romantic Korean dramas where on a beautiful spring afternoon, the perfect looking, well-mannered gentleman proposes to a beautiful and sweet lady, and they both smile in perfect happiness…. unfortunately, reality is far different from that (much of the time).

Well, a clever guy decided to video tape his proposal and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!

I have to say reality is way, WAY better than fiction. Nothing can compare with what real experiences can give you.

The video goes something like this:



He is pretending to take a selfie with his SO. (Screenshot/YouTube)


He gets up and she is obviously confused. (Screenshot/YouTube)


This is what a real women looks like when the love of her life gets on his knee… (Screenshot/YouTube)


Oh yes, it is a ring… and it is for you. (Screenshot/YouTube)


Happiness all over. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Tell me, do you feel as happy as she did?

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