What Do Chinese Traditionally Eat in Different Seasons?

    During the winter solstice, eat dumplings. (Image: Weibo)During Xiao Han (lesser cold period) in the lunisolar calendar, eat rice with vegetables. (Image: Weibo)During Da Han (greater cold) in the lunisolar calendar, eat rice pudding. (Image: Weibo)During Xiao Man (lesser fullness of grain) in the lunisolar calendar, eat bitter vegetables, such as bitter melon. (Image: Weibo)During Mang Zhong (grain in beard) in the lunisolar calendar, eat boiled plums. (Image: Weibo)During Xiao Shu (lesser heat) in the lunisolar calendar, eat lotus root. (Image: Weibo)During the Summer Solstice, eat cold noodles with cucumber. (Image: Weibo)Li Xiaolin's foods for different Chinese season's. (Image: Weibo)

    Chinese follow a lunisolar calendar, and base everything in their lives around this, particularly what they eat at different times of the year.

    This young, talented artist went viral on the Internet with her drawings of compatible foods for some of the 24 solar termsHer name is Li Xiaolin. Inspired by a book on how to keep healthy and eat healthy foods during different aspects of the 24 solar terms, she produced these 7 paintings.

    What foods are best to eat in different seasons is a traditional way of life in China.

    In Summer, it is a good to eat cold noodles with some cucumber on top.

    In Winter, dumplings are recommended, as they are boiled and contain meat and vegetables inside.

    When the weather starts to get cold, they will have vegetable meals.

    Li Xiaolin’s drawings will give you a rough ideas what Chinese people eat according to the lunisolar calendar, whose tradition has been passed down for generations.


    Translated by Cecilia and Mona

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