Believe It or Not, This Pig Is Kneeling in Front of a Temple (Video)

When people in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, went to the temple during Chinese New Year, they saw this surprising scene!

A series of pictures of this strange pig went viral after being shared on Weibo on Feb. 23.

The pig was kowtowing at the temple entrance, with his ears pointing forward and his nose on the ground.

He stayed still there for a long time, and didn’t leave til a monk came out and read the “Heart Sutra” to him. Onlookers were so surprised that they took out their phones to film the special occasion, and a heated online discussion followed.


Onlookers recorded the bizarre scene outside the temple. (Image:

One blogger said the pig “has a spirit and knows Buddha will bless him” because he not only knelt there, but wouldn’t leave til someone chanted the scripture, perhaps feeling satisfied that he got what he came for.

Others commented:

  • “All sentient beings have Buddha nature.”
  • “It’s the reincarnation of the ‘Second Disciple,’ Zhu Bajie, in the novel Journey to the West.”

Some of the more cynical bloggers said that animals know nothing and that the pig might just be sick, or that it might have been harmed by someone cruel.

One Internet user wrote: “The pig has a vitamin E deficiency. The clinical symptoms are: lacks energy, loves lying down, has difficulty walking and standing, often kneels on forelegs or assumes a sitting-dog position. If it worsens, quadriplegia, rapid weak breathing, and irregular heartbeat may occur.”

Well, no one seems to know the answer, and we can’t interview this mysterious pig… so that leaves room for everyone’s imagination!

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