I Never Knew Hong Kong Was This Tiny or This Colorful. Is This Real?

    Look what a lively place! (Image: hdp-arts.com)Rusty old trains. (Image: hdp-arts.com)A happening place. (Image: hdp-arts.com)Get your fishing done here, too. (Image: hdp-arts.com)Let's hop on one of these trains. (Image: hdp-arts.com)Reminds me of the New York City skyline. (Image: hdp-arts.com)Within all this, there's room for a swimming pool. (Image: hdp-arts.com)Hard to believe this is all real. (Image: hdp-arts.com)I'd love to walk these streets. (Image: hdp-arts.com)Everything is so tall. (Image: hdp-arts.com)I wonder what's for sale. (Image: hdp-arts.com)I should take one of these cabs. (Image: hdp-arts.com)I walk, therefore I am. (Image: hdp-arts.com)

    These may look like miniaturizations of one of the world’s most lively places, but this is the real thing. The photographer is playing with the tilt-shift focus, and playing with your mind.

    They look like scale models, but they’re not. He went through the trouble of getting up real high to take these photos, and then saturated the colors and simulated a macro focus lens. And he did it all to fool you!

    Tiny or not, Hong Kong is a crazy place.

    You know, after seeing all these photos, I might want to take a visit to Hong Kong. But have you seen the news lately? I might get caught up in all those protests and all that tear gas flying around.

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