It Took Her 24 Days To Draw This Zodiac, but the Final Piece Will Amaze You

    Day 1-2: Ox and Rat. (Image: Savannah Burgess)Day 3: The Race. (Image: Savannah Burgess)Day 4: Tiger. (Image: Savannah Burgess)Day 5: Tiger continued. (Image: Savannah Burgess)Day 7: Rabbit. (Image: Savannah Burgess)Day 10: Finished the Tiger! (Image: Savannah Burgess)Day 12: Mainly done with the Horse's face now. First time drawing a horse! (Image: Savannah Burgess)Day 13: The Snake spooked by the Horse, causing him to fall behind in the race. (Image: Savannah Burgess)Day 16: Goat. Time to move to a few of the other zodiacs. (Image: Savannah Burgess)Day 18-19: Pig and Dog. (Image: Savannah Burgess)Day 20: Finished the Dog - 8/12! (Image: Savannah Burgess)Days 21 & 22: Drawing the Monkey. (Image: Savannah Burgess)Day 22: Hard at work. Cleaning up the Tiger's face before I go onto the final stage of the drawing. (Image: Savannah Burgess)Day 23: Dragon. (Image: Savannah Burgess)Day 24: The final piece “ZODIAC.” (Image: Savannah Burgess)

    Who hasn’t picked up a pen and had a go at drawing something? But this artwork goes beyond my imagination and abilities…

    19-year old artist, Savannah Burgess, followed the story of the race in the Chinese Zodiac as her inspiration, and this is what she created. She took pictures of her progress every day until it was finished.

    Each picture highlights a different animal in the composition, which eventually come together into one epic piece.

    The story goes that the Jade Emperor organized a race across a river to decide the order of the animals in the zodiac. The clever rat jumped on the ox, and as they reached the shore, the rat leaped ahead into first place. The ox ranked second, and the lazy, slow pig ended up last after the other nine animals (except for the cat, who didn’t wake up til the race was over, and missed the cycle completely).

    As well as doing ballpoint pen and digital portraits, Savannah designs tattoos. She’s studying Illustration at Florida’s Ringling College of Art and Design, and specializes in realism. She said:

    The biggest challenge of this piece was creating a realistic interpretation of the Chinese dragon..

    What do you think, is it life-like enough? If you like it, be sure to check out her store on Etsy, where you can buy this print and many others.

    Day 24: The final piece “ZODIAC.” (Image: Savannah Burgess)

    Day 24: The final piece “ZODIAC.” (Image: Savannah Burgess)

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