These Colorful Umbrellas Have Been Lined Up for a Special Reason (Photos)

Umbrellas lined up in Blind Date Corner. (Image:
Umbrellas lined up in Blind Date Corner. (Image:

Lots of brollies were placed on both sides of the street in People’s Park, but what are they for?

Well, if you take a closer look, there are paper cards pasted on each umbrella there, providing information like one’s gender, age, and occupation.

Yes, it’s blind date!

Blind dating is a popular practice in China. Parents usually find their children blinds dates in parks, like this one in People’s Park in Shanghai.

Shanghai Marriage Market has a history of over 10 years, and was first formed by parents of unmarried adults wanting to find a partner for their son or daughter. It gradually became famous and was nicknamed the “blind date corner” by Chinese people.

But if you’re looking for a bride, don’t expect to meet her there. It’s the parents who gather there looking for a partner for their unmarried child, and doing the trading in this market.

Apparently these parents didn’t have a break even during Chinese New Year. Besides, there are also many curious tourists, filling the park with noise and excitement.

One parent said: “The crowds have filled the streets since Spring Festival began. It’s a holiday anyway. My child went back home so it’s the perfect time to arrange intensive blind dates from them all,” according to


Parents inspect the other umbrellas. (Image:


Reading about each prospective date. (Image:


This mother is wearing information about her own child. (Image:


The atmosphere is like in a market. (Image:

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