Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars Better Not See This Version of ‘Uptown Funk’

Alex Boye’s remake of Uptown Funk will have you on the floor. Age is no factor in coolness. He brings out grandma and grandpa for this one.

Boye’ is the lead singer with all that makeup on to make himself look old. Boye’ is a performer of Nigerian heritage who was born in the United Kingdom. He now resides in the U.S., where his latest musical projects seek to Africanize pop songs.

We need more of this type of creativity.

When you think about it, why can’t older people be in music videos? I’m sure they’d buy more music if they were. It would show people that the music industry values people of all ages, not just the young and beautiful, but the old and beautiful as well.

Alex Boye’ stated this on his Facebook page about his cast: “The oldest was 92! Between them, they have raised 500 children, 1,200 grandchildren, and 250 great grandchildren!!!” I’ve got to give this man credit. He’s not just turning this into a joke, but showing old people with swag and talent.

And if you missed the original song:

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