Does This NDE Prove There’s an After Life?

Out of body experience. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Out of body experience. (Screenshot/YouTube)

I’m sure you have heard of near death experiences (NDE). Here is a story about Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon of 25 years who believes he experienced a vivid journey into what he knew to be the afterlife.  Then we will take a look at the science behind it.

Dr. Alexander did not believe that there was a non-physical spirit.

He went to the Duke University School of Medicine and taught at the Harvard Medical School.

Here’s a 13-minute video interview with the 7 Network:

While suffering from severe bacterial meningitis, he was in a coma for seven days. It was during this time he believes that he “experienced a vivid journey into what he knew to be the afterlife, visiting both heavenly and not so heavenly realms.”

Watch this 90-minute video of Dr. Alexander’s incredible NDE:

When he returned to his body and after experiencing a miraculous recovery, he went on to write The New York Times #1 bestselling book Proof of Heaven. For some, what the doctor confirms is there is an afterlife.

The science

A U.S. team led by Professor Kevin Nelson of the University of Kentucky said: “The same parts of the brain are activated when people dream as in near death experiences.” The study compared 55 people who had experienced NDE and 55 who did not.

A 2-minute video about why NDEs might have a scientific basis:

Those with near death experiences were more likely to have less clearly separated boundaries between sleeping and waking, the scientists found, and people who have had near death experiences commonly report being surrounded by a bright light or gazing down on themselves in an operating theater, reported The BBC News.

Here’s a 6-minute video on a scientific explanation of NDEs:

Many of these sensations are also common to experiences of being in the dream state, or rapid eye movement (REM), stage of sleep, the study said.

Science is not yet advanced enough to prove or disprove NDEs, so I hope these videos will help you decide what you believe.

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