How to Turn Bad Luck Into Positive Motivation? These 2 Men Will Tell You

These two disabled men have been partners in positivity for over a decade. (Image:
These two disabled men have been partners in positivity for over a decade. (Image:

The difficult things that happen in life might not necessarily be bad… That’s what I learned from this story about two disabled men, Jia Haixia and Jia Wenqi, who have made a huge difference for local people and generations to come.

Jia Haixa, 53, was born with congenital cataracts, leaving his left eye blind. Sadly, he lost sight in his right eye after an accident at work. Jia Wenqi, also 53, lost both his arms when he was 3.

Being physically challenged, both men were unable to find secure jobs later in life, so they decided to team up and work together. In 2001, they leased a large section of a riverbank from local authorities to plant trees.

Every day, they leave home early in the morning, and devote themselves to their work. As they don’t have enough money to buy saplings, they have to collect cuttings which is no simple task.

However, they have come up with a unique and efficient technique that helps them optimize their work. As Jia Haixa has to climb the trees, he gets on his armless friend’s shoulders and guides him, while he pulls himself through the branches.

Jia Haixa climbs on his armless friend’s shoulders to collect cuttings. (Image:

‘I am his hands and he is my eyes. We are golden partners,’ says Jia Haixia.

With each other’s help, they managed to plant about 10,000 trees in a rural area in Hebei, and succeeded in transforming a three-hectare stretch of riverbank, despite the intensive work needed, according to

With thousands of new trees there now, the area has attracted a significant number of birds and contributed to protecting the village from floods.

‘Though we did not accomplish much in a dozen years, we recognize our effort,’ says Jia Haixia.

Jia Wenqi adds: “We stand on our own feet. The fruits of our labor taste sweeter. Even though we are gnawing on steam buns, we find peace in our hearts.”

So how do we turn bad fortune into strength and motivation?

I would say… be grateful and satisfied with what you have and never limit yourself. When you’re thinking of and care about others, not just yourself, that kindness gives you strength. This way you can do more and better than you realize.

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