Could You Win a Climate Change Debate With Any of These Memes?

Climate change meme. (Image:
Climate change meme. (Image:

Many a keyboard warrior has used a meme to express a particular view. Some memes are great, some are awful and nasty, while others are really, really witty.

If you frequent social media, you’d be well aware how posting a simple meme can bring on a storm of comments, especially if it’s about a particularly controversial or divisive issue.

As far as the West is concerned at least, not many issues are as divisive as climate change, a.k.a. global warming. Well, unless you want to discuss race, religion, gender issues, or several other push button topics that now come to mind.

So for the sake of this post, I’m going to sit on the fence and avoid favoring any particular climate change argument.

So scroll on and see the top climate change memes going around.

There’s some representing the climate change deniers and others by those who think it’s going to bring on the end of the world. Then there are memes just poking fun at the issue. Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out though if these jokers are actually on a particular side or not. Anyway, you be the judge on that.

First there was the jokers…

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Then there are the skeptics…

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Last, but not least, there are those advocating that climate change is real.

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