Imagine Going Through This at the Top of the World’s 7th Tallest Building

Well it’s not the 9th floor or the 1st floor. What we’re seeing here is a terrifying scene outside the 91st floor! This took place early on April 2 at the Shanghai World Financial Center, currently the seventh tallest building in the world at 1,614 feet high.


The Shanghai World Financial Center is the seventh tallest building in the world. (Image:


The Shanghai World Financial Center has 101 floors. (Image:

Two window cleaners were given a 15-minute nightmare ride when the suspended platform they were working on began swaying wildly in the strong wind, bashing into the building’s glass facade repeatedly.

Their cradle was suspended between the 91st and 92nd floors, and slammed into the curtain wall of the 91st floor. At one point the two men are seen pushing against the glass as the platform slams into it, presumably to try and prevent it from breaking. Office workers inside the building were evacuated later on. And apart from some bruises and a sprained wrist, the two men outside suffered no harm, at least not physically.

But they must have thought they were going to die… even just watching the video, I felt scared and concerned for their safety.

The cause of the incident is presently under investigation.

One Weibo blogger commented: “The company should have predicted the wind strength the previous day. How can you ask workers to wash windows in such a strong wind? Do you not consider workers are human?”

Another said:

What decade is this? Robots serve people in restaurants, why not design a remote control one for cleaning windows?

Two window washers were given a 15-minute ride when their suspended platform swayed wildly in the wind. (Image: and Weibo)

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