Do Giant Rabbits Make Great Pets?

These rabbits are so big that seven-year-old Ava can hardly lift them up for this adorable video. The family pets are the world’s biggest rabbits, with father bunny Darius holding the world title at almost five feet feet long.

They are Continental Giant rabbits, also called German Giants or Conti. This Easter may be the last time Darius will hold the title of honor. His son Jeff is almost as big now, and still has six months of growing to do before he’s fully mature, according to Cater News‘ who made this video. Jeff is already four feet, eight inches.

So, these rabbits are incredible, but do they really make great pets? Well, they apparently have tons of personally and don’t mind hanging out with the family and other pets. On the flip side, Darius and Jeff eat a lot which ends up being expensive. They do eat hay, but it’s substituted with lots of carrots and greens.

They were originally breed large as meat rabbits, but became popular as pets because of their docile nature.

If you are a rabbit lover, or have pet rabbits, you might want to read this.


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