Right Now, All Over the World, Someone Is Experiencing Childhood

5 different families. 5 different religions. 5 different regions.

Childhood is living poetry.

5 different children in disparate parts of the world are having a similar, yet different experience. We catch them after they wake up, in preparation for a day of religious worship.

African Child

We are born inherently as spiritual beings. (The Mercadantes/YouTube)

They put on clothing. Some of it cultural or religious, and then get breakfast. I can smell it cooking. Then they head out the door.

I remember childhood, but I don’t remember times like these being so poetic. It looks like a very sacred time. And everything about this feels like a sacred ritual of childhood.

But it’s still childhood. It’s the time we will remember forever. They are some of the best times of our lives. We are at our purest and most innocent. For some it can be painful. For some it can be pleasant. Whatever it happens to be, it becomes a part of who we are.

Indian Child

Parents pass on religion as cultural tradition. (The Mercadantes/YouTube)

The film is called Five and stars an Indian child, a South African child, a Japanese child, and two children in America of different cultural backgrounds.

The filmmakers are a husband and wife team. They met while making films and have since come to be collectively known only as The Mercadantes. They live in northern California. They make some cool films.

Japanese Child

We worship in different ways, but look at how similar we all are. (The Mercadantes/YouTube)

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