Husky Dog Sobs on the Floor After Being Scolded by His Owner

The sobbing husky. (Image:
The sobbing husky. (Image:

Have you ever felt that dogs can understand what people say? I bet most people would feel this way watching a video like this one of a dad arguing with a husky over a potato skin…

Or this one of a husky sobbing after being scolded by his owner. He acts just like a child being told off by his parents.

In the video, the woman criticizes the dog, saying: “Look at you! Did I say something wrong? Can’t I even criticize you for what you did?” The big dog turns his head away and starts to cry.

Her husband then comes over to the dog lying down, crying sadly. He strokes and comforts the dog, saying: “Oh, what happened? Why are you crying?” The woman is surprised: “OMG, you’re crying? Do you really felt that wronged by me?”

The man keeps stroking the dog, saying: “Crying for being blamed by mommy? Come on, don’t cry. There there.”

And the woman stops being cross after seeing the poor dog, said: “Alright, alright, I won’t say anything more. You’re a good boy. Stop crying. Why are you crying so hard? I said you’re a good boy. Come on.”

“OK, don’t cry. Get up and mommy will give you food.” Then the dog immediately stood up after hearing the food.

The video got shared over 30,000 times on Weibo. One blogger commented:

This reminds me of my childhood days when my mom educated me harshly.

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