Let’s Take a Quick Trip Around the World to Drink Coffee

You may remember me, because I planted my cup of coffee.

Today, I’m not looking at the container, but instead the contents.

Vietnam coffe (Screenshot/YouTube)

Vietnamese coffee. (Screenshot/YouTube)

I don’t know if these really are typical drinks in each country, but it’s still worth looking at the recipes.

I probably would try the ones from Germany and Vietnam, but Austria? The one with the egg… can anyone confirm whether that’s drinkable? It really doesn’t seem like a good idea…

Austria Coffee (Screenshot/YouTube)

Austrian coffee. (Screenshot/YouTube)

To this list, we can add Colombian coffee, which is called “Carajillo.” It’s a small cup of hot black coffee mixed with a national alcoholic drink named Aguardiente, or sometimes with rum or brandy.

Also in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile, most people drink café au lait, which is strange because that’s actually French!

As an Arab proverb says:

Good coffee must be black as night, hot as love, and as sweet or bitter as life itself.

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