Watch This Precision Illustrator Execute Logos With Swift, Liquid Hands

You are watching one of the world’s best freestyle font, and sign writers. It literally makes me happy watching this. Seb Lester, ladies and gentlemen.

His unreal, steady hands craft amazing letter designs.

He’s got a hand steady enough to perform neurosurgery in an earthquake. He’s a London-based designer who designs typefaces, book covers, and has the knack for calligraphy of all kinds.

Lester specializes in creating letterform art. As for why he chose this particular art, he says: “It probably sounds odd but I don’t think I chose letterforms, I think they chose me.” I can relate to that. That’s pretty much the reason I do what I do, too.

In the computer age, it’s rare you will find a person with such precise pen movement. Graphic design software has all but taken away skills like these. As for his favorite letter to draw, Lester goes with “S.” It’s because “S” is the hardest to draw, and because: “it’s a pure, simple, sensual, beautiful shape.”

Perhaps one day the things that we now use computers to do will come back into our own hands. There were indeed a number of illustrators and people in other artistic craft professions who lost work to people who knew how to use computers better.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy the video! But there’s just one thing—hit mute. The music ruins the calmingly satisfying quality of the viewing.

Additional research by Katy Mantyk


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