Chimp Smacks Drone From the Sky to Take a Selfie

We’ve all had really good hair days. The kind where you just have to take a selfie and post it on Facebook or Instagram.

Well, I haven’t actually done that, but it seems like this chimp is trying to. Her name is Tushi, and the footage was filmed at Royal Burger’s Zoo in Holland as part of an episode for a TV show about the zoo.

It really is amazing how smart these animals are—she timed the drone flyby and knocked it down with a stick.

Watch as this chimp swats the drone right from the sky… That was a costly flyover!

Actually this isn’t the first time a primate has borrowed a camera. In 2011, a monkey swiped a wildlife photographer’s camera and took several photos of itself which went viral.

It caused a huge copyright controversy because the photographer was deemed not to own the photos even though they had been taken with his camera, and he contributed to their creation.

Presumably this footage of Tushi the drone-buster will add an amusing angle to the zoo’s show.

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