How Would You Explain This Weird Red Sky in Inner Mongolia? (Photos)

Red sky in the afternoon? (Image:
Red sky in the afternoon? (Image:

An eerie red sky appeared over the area around Aer Mountain in Inner Mongolia at around 2 p.m. on April 15.

It then went very dark and “black rain” followed, finally returning to normal about an hour later. We can see dust left by the rain on windows and roads.

Apparently this scene is so rare that most people have never seen it in their lifetime.

Some Chinese media described it as special and spectacular. However, bloggers said it wasn’t auspicious, making comments like:

  • “Of course it’s not because black clay appeared in the rain, and the air had been seriously polluted. Without this rain, how much dust would you have to inhale?”
  • “People will die because of what they did, sooner or later. Why is everyone turning a blind eye to these environmental issues?”
  • “We’ve damaged the environment too seriously. This is God’s punishment to humans.”

One Weibo user wrote:

  • “Grassland prairie fires in Russia and Mongolia have already spread to Inner Mongolia, but the authorities didn’t deal with it on time so the fire kept spreading. The Aer area was not spared either.”

However, the reason for this strange phenomenon has not been confirmed.


The sky went red in Inner Mongolia on April 15. (Image:


A red glow over the countryside. (Image:


And the suburbs. (Image:


It got darker and darker. (Image:


The rain was full of black material. (Image:


The sky started turning black. (Image:


Can you believe it’s around 2 p.m.? (Image:


The black rain left dirt on the windows. (Image:


Wet dirt from a car window. (Image:

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