NYC Improv Group Turns Subway Car Into Live Pizza Party

Normally when you step into a New York City subway car you find something very smelly, very funny, or very scary… never something very delicious… unless you consider rats or litter delicious.

But NYC acting group Improv Everywhere put on another one of their good-hearted, large-scale pranks. They got together with one of NYC’s largest pizza chains for some free hot pizza action.

give slice pizza

A delicious ride. (Screenshot/YouTube)

NYC-style pizza is greasy and delicious, and famous worldwide. I wouldn’t call it healthy, and I blame it for my previous weight gain, but it sure is fun! And cheap! And definitely a way to bond with New Yorkers.

Compared to other places’ pizza, New York pizza is extra large, extra thin, and extra greasy. And the price of pizza has dropped over the past few years. It’s dropped back down to the $1 price I remember as a kid. In response, places that have not dropped their prices have simply gotten more creative, offering everything from brick oven, whole wheat pizza, to pizza with all sorts of exotic toppings.

subway pizza pie

Hopefully they don’t grease up the train floor. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Nothing tops a pizza better than the smell of the NYC train system.

Though New York City has laws against people dancing in subway cars, they have no laws against eating. In other subway systems, you may be fined if you choose to bring food into the subway. But in NYC, feel free to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

subway restaurant

The restaurant comes into the train. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Kids even sell candy and cookies in subway cars. Maybe not legally, but nobody says anything. Because this is New York, and we like to eat whenever and wherever we are.

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