What Would You Do in the Midst of a Doomsday Sandstorm?

If you had thought it was the end of the world in Belarus when this storm rolled in, no one would have laughed at you. Here is some footage that shows the moment an “apocalyptic” weather storm hit.

It turned day into night as the fast-moving storm clouds blocked out the sun. Film was taken from a high-rise apartment, and shows traffic moving along the busy street in a province called Salihorsk, south of the capital of Minsk. The entire city is plunged into darkness as the dark clouds move in. It was dark enough for motorists to have to turn the lights on while they tried to navigate the dark streets.

A cold front was moving in from the Ukrainian-Belorussia border, which is called a haboob (Arabic for an intense dust storm). The storm forced about 100,000 residents of the city of Soligorsk to stay indoors.

Anyone who did go outside had to use a torch to get around.

There were several people from the region who commented on the video, describing the storm as what they thought a “doomsday scenario” or the apocalypse would be like.

Massive dust storm hits Phoenix:

It was not only the sand that caused problems, heavy rain that was associated with the storm also caused electricity cuts and damage to buildings. At the end of the video, the clouds thin out and the city once again becomes illuminated.

Freakish red dust storm sweeps over Western Australia:

The Sahara region is commonly associated with sandstorms, or haboobs, but they can occur in any arid area. The deserts in Australia are particularly prone to these storms, as are many countries located along the Arabian Gulf and parts of Africa.

Sandstorms are characterized by strong winds that can move huge amounts of sand in a dense wall across thousands of miles, and can reach up to 3300 feet in height. Thunderstorms and small tornadoes can also be associated with sandstorms.

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