‘Avengers’ Movie Interview Goes Sour, Robert Downey Jr. Walks Out

In a recent interview with a British presenter, Robert Downey Jr. walked. Hard decision. The new Avengers film is about to come out, and British audiences are thirsty.

Iron Man almost pummels snarky British interviewer.

The interviewer is Krishnan Guru-Murthy, a long-time journalist for British TV’s Channel 4. He’s been with the channel since 1998, and counts himself among one of their longest-serving presenters.

He’s done some great, even historical work for the channel, which is why it may be a mystery that this interview goes south so fast. It’s almost like the initial questions are simply a set-up for the juicy personal questions that he really wants to ask.

This isn’t the first trouble of this sort Guru-Murthy has had during interviews with celebrities. He sustained a verbal onslaught while interviewing filmmaker Quentin Tarantino about Django Unchained and violence in movies.

He was then embarrassed by later intervewees who witnessed that incident. Entertainer Richard Ayoade had a go at it, prolonging the embarrassment for Guru-Murthy.

But to me the reason Guru-Murthy faces such wrath is because he asks the wrong type of questions for this set of people. He’s been involved in many serious political and societal interviews, and takes that same approach when dealing with people in the entertainment industry.

The only person who can pull that off is Charlie Rose. If Guru-Murthy is going to do interviews like these, he’s going to have to stick to a script the actors and directors have seen once or twice before.

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