His Selfie Collection With Passengers Is Amazing but There’s More to It

Teng Jiazhi has taken 30,000 selfies with his passengers over the past four years. (Image: Weibo.com)
Teng Jiazhi has taken 30,000 selfies with his passengers over the past four years. (Image: Weibo.com)

Taxi drivers in China seem to have unique characters and skills. Some of them are so crazy that you’ll never want to meet them, but this 60-year-old driver in Shenyang has “magical powers” that can really make you happy.

Teng Jiazhi has amassed a collection of 30,000 selfies with his passengers over the past four years.

But what’s more incredible is his great smile, which makes people feel happy and positive.

One time a young woman who looked upset got in his taxi and refused his selfie request. When he started talking to her, Teng found out she had just had a big fight with her mom, according to China News.

So he sang her an old song about how mothers just can’t help but worry. She started crying, and immediately called her mom to say sorry. In the end, Teng took a smiling selfie with her.


Uncle Teng’s selfie collection. (Image: Weibo.com)

For Teng Jiazhi, his first selfie was the most memorable. It was a freezing cold in Liaoning Province more than 10 years ago when he picked up a couple who had been shivering on the side of the road for over an hour.

They were so grateful they offered to pay him extra. But he refused, so they opted for a souvenir photo with them instead. Teng says that’s what inspired him, and he set up a camera in his cab in 2011 to take pictures with his customers, hoping to brighten up their day, according to qq.com.

On average, he picks up 80 passengers daily, and around 20 of them agree to snap a selfie with him. And he’s been posting these selfies posted on his Weibo account which has over 100,000 followers. His adoring fans call him “Uncle Teng” or “Brother Smile.”


Teng receives a certificate for his record-breaking selfie collection. (Image: Weibo.com)

As well as being heartwarming, it’s also a world record! Uncle Teng was awarded a certificate for his record-breaking selfie collection on April 20, though his personal mission has nothing to do with accolades and awards. As he says, he’s just trying to help others and share positive energy.

“I try my best to help my passengers with their troubles. All it takes is just a little chat, song or joke to make them happy again.”

If you’re hoping to take his taxi someday, you’d better hurry up because Uncle Teng is going to retire soon. But he plans to keep bringing joy to people.

“I will always keep my optimistic attitude. Even after retirement, I will use different ways and keep capturing smiles in every square, park and street in Shenyang,” he told China News.

Look how happy and smiley he always is!


Smiling selfie. (Image: Weibo.com)


Happy passengers. (Image: Weibo.com)

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