Todrick Hall Gives 5 Classic Disney Songs an Incredible 1990s R&B Fusion

Todrick Hall and Shoshana Bean teamed up and did something special.

They made 90s-style remixes of some classic Disney songs we know from numerous animated films.

The 90s was an interesting era for R&B, and one I will not soon forget. People like Mariah Carey and Montell Jordan were everywhere. It was much different than the type of R&B during the 80s, and quite different from the neo-soul that came after.

Todrick Hall was an American Idol semifinalist back in 2010. Since then, he’s worked on a number of mainly video-based projects and has kept his name hot. So hot, in fact, that he’s about to debut his own self-titled reality TV series on MTV.

Shoshana Bean is an actress and singer known for her work in Broadway musicals and other music projects. Besides the cool last name, it’s obvious her charisma and singing ability are tops.

I like this combination of two young singers and how they morph two different genres of sound together like this. And since Hall doesn’t provide a song list or explain the mashups, here are the Disney songs he draws from:

Song 1. The Little Mermaid – ‘Part of Your World’


Her underwater kingdom was awesome. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Song 2. The Lion King – ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’


We all need his pride. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Song 3. Beauty and the Beast – ‘Tale as Old as Time’


Now that they found love what are they gonna do with it? (Screenshot/YouTube)

Song 4. Aladdin – ‘One Jump Ahead’


Try to keep up with this agile duo. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Song 5. Aladdin – ‘A Whole New World’


Flying high. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Now get your old Disney DVDs out the back of the cupboard so you can hear the songs without the added R&B flavor.

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