Hawkeye Is More Than Just an Archer. Watch Him Take Aim at Pop Music

In yet more antics from the cast of the Avengers, Hawkeye, perhaps the least lauded of the Avengers team, shows he’s more than just a powerless archer sort of superhero.

Of course, Thor and Captain America both have awesome weapons. The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are magical and quick. The Hulk wins on raging strength. Iron Man has technology, and Black Widow has some of that, too. But Hawkeye is just a human with talents.


Don’t sleep on Hawkeye’s talents. (Screenshot/YouTube)

But who says that everyone on the Avengers has to have awesome powers? Archery IS awesome. If everybody was perfectly perfect, than we’d have no story. Bad guys wouldn’t stand a chance.

No wonder Hawkeye usually played a supporting role in the comics. Archery can only take you so far in dealing with the more powerful villains in the universe. But maybe that’s why there is a Hawkeye to deal with the less powerful troublemakers, so the more super-powered Avengers can deal with all those cosmic villains, like Thanos and Galactus.


Hawkeye looks puny next to his teammate. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Whatever the case may be, Hawkeye, don’t feel down on yourself. If the whole superhero thing doesn’t work out, you could probably pursue your dreams of being a singer. If not that, then I’m sure there is a special place for you as an instructor at the Marvel Universe Upstate New York Archery Summer Camp.

The promotion for Avengers: Age of Ultron has been awesome. Aside from a new TV commercial every week, it seems, and Iron Man almost smacking an interviewer asking one too many personal questions, we find Hawkeye singing about getting free guacamole because of his superhero stardom.


Even that piano makes Hawkeye look puny. (Screenshot/YouTube)

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