What Were These Mysterious Colored Lights in the San Diego Night Sky? (Video)

Mysterious colored lights in night sky over San Diego. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Mysterious colored lights in night sky over San Diego. (Screenshot/YouTube)

A series of strange colored lights spotted flashing in the sky southwest of San Diego, California, baffled residents.

The video was filmed by an NBC 7 crew in San Ysidro. Some people have said that they appeared to be red, blue, and green, and kept flashing and changing colors.

NBC 7 said that they have placed calls to the military to see if they could identify the lights, but there hasn’t been any response.

According to NBC 7/39, viewer Larry Fox sent them a picture of “a string of multicolored lights.”

The picture was taken from his backyard. Fox said: “It was a series of flashing lights. If it was a plane, it would have moved.” He described them as “red, blue and green” lights that “kept flashing and changing colors.”

Because the lights were stationary, witnesses said that they did not think it was a plane or a drone.

The lights in the sky have started an intense conversation online. No official statements have yet been made about the origin of these lights.

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