Which Countries Censor Information the Most?

Freedom of the press is vital to the health of a society, and that’s why in the U.S. it’s protected under the first amendment.

But only about 14 percent of the world has a fully unrestricted press, and they’re nations found mainly in Europe and North America, plus Australia.

According to the above video produced by TestTube, the worst countries for press censorship are situated in Africa and Asia.

Most countries that muzzle the press are also leading human rights abusers.

Media watchdog groups have listed these countries below as having the worst press censorship:

  • Eritrea: Fully repressive and only 1 percent of the country has Internet access
  • North Korea: Information here is both totally controlled and what is available is 100 percent propaganda. Even private cell phones are prohibited
  • Saudi Arabia: No criticism of the government or their version of Islam is allowed, plus other restrictions are backed up by harsh penalties
  • China: Strict and aggressive censorship rules. It holds the largest number of jailed journalists, 44 in 2014
  • Vietnam: Strict laws that enforce the view that the press is to be totally used for the benefit of the ruling communists. Bloggers are kept under state supervision, and if they step out of line, bad things happen

Do you think any press haters have been left off the list?

See the below video for an informative wrap-up on the state of censorship in China:

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