Did a UFO Crash at Roswell? New Never Before Seen Photos Have Emerged

Image: Pixapay/CC0 Public Domain
Alien Image: Pixapay/CC0 Public Domain

Is this the evidence UFO hunters have been looking for? Jamie Maussan, a UFO specialist, presented never before seen photos of an alien body from the 1947 Roswell crash at a conference in Mexico City.

There has long been speculation as to what happened at the Roswell, New Mexico, crash site. With UFO believers suspecting that authorities have kept the discovery of an alien a secret from the public. The images were reportedly snapped by Geologist Bernard A. Ray on Kodachrome film, and show the remains of an alleged alien that was found dead in New Mexico.

Never before seen photos of alleged alien from Roswell crash:

Maussan said: “These photos show the human race that beyond any doubt, extraterrestrial visits are a reality. That is why the presentation of two slides, two transparencies, where a being with non-human features can be seen, is very important. These photos were dated by experts to a period where the model of the archetype extraterrestrial we know today didn’t exist.”

A short story of the Roswell crash:

NASA and the U.S. government have never formally recognized any extra-terrestrial life on planet Earth.

It has taken researchers five years to verify the photos’ authenticity and now there saying that this is proof positive that the images couldn’t have been doctored.

Richard Dolan, a leading UFO specialist, after studying the images said these are the proof people have been looking for.

Richard Dolan giving a UFO speech at a Citizen Hearing on Disclosure:

Dolan, lead researcher and author on UFOs, said: “The analysis of the body or creature that is presented in the image, suggested that this is not a mummy, not a human, not a mammal, and not a model, which would require a highly sophisticated, detailed understanding of comparative anatomy among various species.”

I’m sure this will spark more interest in UFOs and aliens. Are the photo’s real? It’s hard to tell, but I’m sure people already have their beliefs.

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