80 Chorus Members Go Into ‘Free Fall’ as Stage Suddenly Collapses


Being on stage isn’t always a wonderful, exciting experience. All kinds of unforeseen situations can happen, such as forgetting lines, standing in the wrong place, or tripping over.

However, none of these compares to an onstage “group free fall” that just happened in China.

On May 9, there was a rehearsal for a choral competition held at the Bijie City Theater by local authorities. The singing competition was themed “China Dream, Beauty of Labor,” with propaganda songs praising the power of the Chinese Communist Party and the nation (also known as “red songs”). The attendees were workers with the Party and government offices in Bijie City.

Ignoring the scream, it is really a funny view. (Image: Weibo.com)

The participants took the event very seriously. (Image: Weibo.com)

While the staff members of the Public Security Bureau or police department were singing onstage, a shocking scene suddenly occurred. The whole platform started sinking, and the 80 choir members disappeared down into the ground in a few seconds!

In the video, we can see the collapse took place after three people walked into one of the rows. It happened so fast that the choir barely reacted except to scream as they fell from view.

Eight people were hurt in the accident, and two of them sustained serious injuries. The cause of the incident is being investigated.

Weibo bloggers shared the news online, and although it was a serious accident, many couldn’t help joking about it. One said:

Too ironic! Isn’t this god showing that the CCP’s so-called ‘Chinese dream’ will collapse just like this?

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