This Unique Message Was Delivered One Word a Day Over a Year

Have you ever thought of leaving an important message for other people?

This guy, Ben Schmidt, came up with the brilliant idea to record a single word each day for every day in the year…

Interesting facts:

  • The background music has 365 clock ticks.
  • He got his hair cut four times, and the last style looks exactly the same as the one at the start, so it loops.
  • Several split-second clips feature strangers with bewildered looks, and a few feature people he knows jumping into the frame.
  • This wasn’t actually spoken as one word per day, more like a sentence or two each day, because if you didn’t say the surrounding words then the audio would sound really disjointed.
  • The video was almost all filmed in Saskatoon, Canada.

What YouTubers think:

  • Awesome! I look forward to sharing this with my Education students. Great concept, well executed! —Alec Couros
  • Tip o’ the hat for the insane amount of patience it must have taken to create this, and the wonderful thing that is the result. —Unhidden Polymath?
  • Time passes… whether we like it or not. 😉 —Camilla D
  • One of the coolest YouTube videos I have ever seen! Well done Ben! —PiandBooks
  • You definitely need more views and credit for that bro: —GoR Clan 

I really like this sentence:

But whatever happens throughout the year, we should try to make the best of what comes our way.

If you want to read the whole script, click here.

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