High-G Quadcopter Training (Video)

High-G quadcopter training. (Screenshot/YouTube)
High-G quadcopter training. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Have you ever wondered what a quadcopter can do if it’s tied to a pole, or maybe even a few tied to the same pole? Researchers at ETH Zurich, Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, did just that, and it is amazing to watch.

Inside a padded room at a university in Switzerland, or the High-G quadcopter training in the Flying Machine Arena as the researchers call it, the researchers analyse and study the limits of drone endurance. By using a tether system that is 11 feet across, the drones are able to experience forces of up to 14 times that of gravity.

High-G quadcopter training—exploring the limits:

According to the researchers, knowing how the drones behave at speed will help to better design them, and could “be used to safely develop high-speed maneuvers, such as emergency braking.”

They said that this setup could also make quite a spectacle, noting: “This could be then used in performance settings, possibly enhanced by light and sound effects.”

Just another cool video:

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