Pope Francis Tells Children Why Some Rich and Influential People Don’t Want Peace

Pope Francis is cheered by children of the 'Fabbrica della Pace' at the Vatican on May 11, 2015. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Pope Francis is cheered by children of the 'Fabbrica della Pace' at the Vatican on May 11, 2015. (Screenshot/YouTube)

In an audience with children of the “Fabrica della Pace” (Peace Factory) at the Vatican this week, the pope expressed his opinion about the role that rich and powerful people play in accomplishing world peace.

“Many powerful people don’t want peace because they live off war,” the pontiff explained to the schoolkids.

The audience was organized by the Peace Factory Foundation.

Pope Francis told the children that every war has an entire arms industry behind it.

“This is serious. Some powerful people make their living with the production of arms and sell them to one country for them to use against another country”, the pope said, according to a citation by the AGI news agency.

Seventy-eight-year-old Pope Francis also told the children:

The devil enters through greed, and this is why they don’t want peace.

He added: “There can be no peace without justice,” and asked the children to repeat those words after him.

The head of the Catholic Church called for an end to the “absurd” violence, bloodshed, and persecution in hotspots around the world.

While school remains a focal point of education for children, this audience seems to be one of the most intricate lessons on geo-politics the children might take part in for a long time.

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