Can You Guess What This Man Built Using Over 50,000 Coins?

Using chopsticks to carefully adjust parts of the sculpture. (Image:
Using chopsticks to carefully adjust parts of the sculpture. (Image:

Have you ever thought about what else you can do with change apart from using it to buy things?

A man in Chongqing turned thousands of coins into this stunning miniature of his hometown!

Without using any glue, He Peiqi used over 50,000 coins of 11 types from ancient and modern China, as well as foreign countries, plus some colorful agate stones, to build a mini Chongqing City in one month, which he named “Hello! Chongqing.”


The ingredients used to build He’s work. (Image:

He started with Yuzhong District, followed by the North part of the city and finally South Bank, spending at least two hours squatting on the ground everyday for a whole month.

The red part composed of red agate stones represents the Yangtze River, and the green part is the Jialing River. You can also see details such as the Chaotianmen Bridge and East Water Gate.


Artist He and his work. (Image:

Actually, difficulties showed up the moment he decided to use coins for his creation because currency cannot be tampered with, not even applying glue to it. So He decided to build his mini-Chongqing by piling up the coins.

Obviously if any of the towers collapsed, it could lead to a domino effect, so He used chopsticks to gently adjust things into the right position when any part of his work began leaning slightly.

It took failure after failure to finally accomplish the amazing work. He told China News: “The creation process was painful. But the moment I finished it, I felt so satisfied.” His wish is to introduce the beauty of coins to more and more people through his artworks.


Different types of coins. (Image:

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