There’s a Touching Story Behind This Dog’s Special Entrance Ceremony

Yumi the new student with her ID. (Image:
Yumi the new student with her ID. (Image:

Anxi Junior High School held an entrance ceremony for this dog named Yumi on May 14 and issued her a student ID in front of other students.

It sounds cool but Yumi is not the first dog to be given special treatment at this school. She has a senior called Coke. And during the ceremony, Coke barked as if giving her a lecture, saying “Hey, your skirt is too short,” or “Why didn’t you say hi to the teachers and students?”

The story can be traced back five years ago to when a teacher named Jiang Da-ru saw Coke, a dirty stray dog, sheltering at the school on a stormy night when the temperature dropped to 53°F.

Out of empathy, Jiang brought her into the office. Although he’d never had a dog and had no experience of taking care of one, Jiang decided he would give Coke some food and a comfortable place to sleep first, then figure out what to do later.

Surprisingly, Coke trusted her and decided she would stay at the school. Coke ended up becoming the school dog of Anxi Junior High, helping with security, and the students really care about her, according to ETtoday.


Students of Anxi Junior High love Coke. (Image:

Jiang hopes to promote life education at the school so that the children know better how to respect and care for lives, and learn how to take care of and interact with animals, instead of just thinking they are cute or scary.

So the school invited the news anchor Qin Lingqian and her dog Yumi to give a speech and they held the entrance ceremony for Yumi as an interesting way to promote life education.


Qin Lingqian and her dog Yumi. (Image:


The school issued a student ID for her. (Image:

Now Yumi has her own uniform, student number, and student card with an official bar code on it.

This means Yumi can start borrowing books from the library… Woof, how exciting!

Being “formally enrolled” at the school, Yumi can attend various activities with her senior Coke, including the graduation ceremony in June.

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