Special Photos of a Chinese Traveler and Some Inspirational Trash Cans

Culturally inspired trash cans. (Image: Douban.com)
Culturally inspired trash cans. (Image: Douban.com)

Most travelers like to take photos of their journey, recording the special moments with scenic views. Usually, people get photos with their friends, family, or loved ones.

In China, a young guy came up with a different idea:

He’s been taking photos with various garbage cans along his journey…

1. Shangrila

Image: Douban.com

It says: “Protecting the Earth relies on you.” (Image: Douban.com)

Shangrila. (Image: QQ.com)

Shangrila. (Image: QQ.com)

The trash can at Shangrila is designed as two wooden buckets, hanging on a Chinese carrying pole.

In the olden days, Chinese farmers or housewives use the bucket-pole combo to get the day’s water from the well in the village.


2. Huaqing Hot Springs, Xi’an City

Image: Douban.com

Long drum trash cans. (Image: Douban.com)

Huaqing Hot Spring. (Image: Sina.com)

Huaqing Hot Springs. (Image: Sina.com)

These trash cans were designed in the shape of long drums from the Tang Dynasty.

In the Tang Dynasty, Huaqing Hot Springs was the imperial palace that Emperor Xuanzong (685-762) and his beloved concubine Yang Yuhuan used to spend sweet time together. Yang Yuhuan was known as one of the Four Beauties of ancient China.


3. Bao’en Temple, Sichuan


A miniature temple. (Image: Douban.com)

Bao' En Temple. (Image: Sina.com)

Bao’ En Temple. (Image: Sina.com)

The trash can at Bao’ En Temple is designed in the shape of a miniature temple.

Bao’ En Temple is the first and only temple in China built from superior nanmu, a type of wood that is free of borers and spider webs. The columns, beams, rafters, purlins, and other wood materials are all made from the same colored precious nanmu.


4. Humble Administrator Garden

Image: Douban.com

Bamboo. (Image: Douban.com)

Humble Administrator Garden of Suzhou。 (Image:51qilv.com)

Humble Administrator Garden of Suzhou. (Image:51qilv.com)

The garbage can in the Humble Administrator Garden of Suzhou is designed in the shape of bamboo.

Humble Administrator Garden is the largest and most renowned classical garden in China. It covers 12.85 acres. The garden displays the elegant beauty of Chinese architecture.


5. Buddha Tower

Image: Douban.com

Mythical animal. (Image: Douban.com)

Buddha Tower. (Image: Tianya.cn)

Buddha Tower. (Image: Tianya.cn)

The trash can at Buddha Tower was designed in the shape of a ancient mythical animal.

Buddha Tower was China’s highest and most ancient wooden tower. It was built in A.D. 1056, and stood for almost 1,000 years. Two relic teeth from Buddha Shakyamuni are kept in the tower.


6. Xi’an Drum Hall

Image: Douban.com

Waist drum. (Image: Douban.com)

Xi' An Drum Hall. (Image: Sina.com)

Xi’ an Drum Hall. (Image: Sina.com)

The garbage can in the Drum Hall of Xi’an was designed in the shape of a waist drum, a traditional musical instrument in north-west China.

The drum is decorated with the pattern of a vermilion bird, which is one of the Four Symbols of Chinese constellations. In ancient China, people strike the bell to signal dawn, and beat the drum to signal dusk falling.


7. Wuhou Temple (Memorial Temple of Marquis Wu)

Image Douban.com

Tower. (Image Douban.com)

Wuhou Temple. (Image: Nipic.com)

Wuhou Temple. (Image: Nipic.com)

The trash can at Wuhou Temple was designed in the shape of the tower in Han Dynasty.

Wuhou Temple was built in memorial of Zhu Geliang, the greatest and smartest strategist in ancient China during the Three Kingdoms Period.


8. West Lake

Image: Douban.com

Poetic view. (Image: Douban.com)

West Lake of Hangzhou. (Image: 19lou.com)

West Lake, Hangzhou. (Image: 19lou.com)

The garbage can at the West Lake scenic spot is made from wood; the upper part is carved with the view of West Lake, and the lower part is carved with ancient poems.

West Lake has influenced poets and painters throughout China‘s history due to its natural beauty and relics, and has also been among the most important sources of inspiration for Chinese garden designers.

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