What Happens When This Grandma Meets a Street Performer?

You won't believe what happens next. (Screenshot/YouTube)
You won't believe what happens next. (Screenshot/YouTube)

When you come across a street performer, make sure you take time to look around—you may just be missing the real show.

When this grandma gets into the action, you won’t be able not to smile.

Grandma vs. beatbox:

Even the street performer got a surprise when he seemed to inject energy and life into this grandma walking by with her dog . She liked his skills and started dancing along with the beat. Who knew grandma could get down like that?

Just because she is older than most who were there doesn’t mean she isn’t able to give it all she’s got. The beatboxer should have given her part of his profits, as most of the people stopped to watch her.

I’m not sure how I would feel if I were out with my grandma and she did something like this. I guess I would probably just join in.

Here are some comments people left on the YouTube comments:

Image: Screenshot/YouTube


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