I Knew It, This Is Where Some of Our Lost Keys End Up…

Mini key ball tea light. (Image: Moerkey)
Mini key ball tea light. (Image: Moerkey)

How often do you lose a key and never find it again? I sometimes wonder if a gremlin hid them.

Okay, these aren’t really the keys we’ve lost, but I can’t imagine a better destination for them.

Artwork by MOERKEY/Image ETSY

NFL football key sculpture. (Image: Moerkey)

This Australian artist Michael or Moerkey is from Horsham in Victoria, and works in his garage.

He explains on his Etsy page: “My work space is a small space in our garage which is jammed packed with bikes, camping gear, woodworking tools and timber and now numerous bits of old copper pipe, keys and pennies which are the raw materials from which I create these works of art.”

Artwork by MOERKEY/Image ETSY

Lamp shade. (Image: Moerkey)

Decorative Female Torso (Artwork by MOERKEY/Image ETSY)

Decorative female torso made from copper coins. (Image: Moerkey)

He’s a self-taught wood worker and photographer, but his discovery of metal working was accidental: “I started making metal spheres from copper rings and then keys. Friends liked what I made, both the look and feel of the smooth spheres, and suggested I start a shop so here it is.”

Artwork by MOERKEY/Image ETSY

Large bowl. (Image: Moerkey)

Artwork by MOERKEY/Image ETSY

Handmade balls. (Image: Moerkey)

Moerkey says he only spent one day in a soldering class 30 years ago, and gained the rest of his skills via watching YouTube videos plenty of times.

Wine bottle and goblet to Western Australia

Wine bottle and goblet. (Image: Moerkey)

As Winston Churchill once said:

Continuous effort—not strength or intelligence—is the key to unlocking our potential.

I really like the idea that a lost object can end up being part of a work of art for someone else. If you’d like to have one of Moerkey’s artworks in your house, then take a look to his Etsy page.

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