When the Monkey King Meets the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings (Photos)

Galadriel and Tang Monk. (Image:
Galadriel and Tang Monk. (Image:

Monkey King is the greatest fantasy literature of the East, while the Lord of the Rings series is the most popular one in the West. The former has been made into a TV series twice in China, and the latter has led to blockbusters with top box office sales.

So what magic will happen if the Chinese legend meets the Western legend? Recently, a creative Weibo blogger used Photoshop to combine the figures and scenes of the two works into one. The result is quite effective, as one Internet user commented:

They are supposed to be together. The combination makes great harmony.

These pictures tell another great story… Monkey King, pigsy Zhu Bajie, Monk Sha, and their master Tang Monk come to Middle-earth to join the Fellowship of the Ring, and fight the evil together.


Gollum and Monkey King. (Image:

Pigsy is enjoyingg a big feast with in the palace. (Image:

Pigsy dining in the palace with Denethor. (Image:


Tang Monk and Bilbo Baggins. (Image:


Elrond, Monkey King, and Galadriel. (Image:

Tang Monk is trying to teach the orc to be good and stop killing. (Image:

Tang Monk tries to teach an orc to be good and stop killing. (Image:

The league of justice is even stronger. (Image:

Thorin and the dwarfs get reinforcements. (Image:

Monk Sha and (Image:

Tauriel and Monk Sha. (Image:

After they win the battle, they become good friends. So the people from Middle-earth are invited to visit the East Earth.

They really have a good time together, opening the gate of the communication between East and West.

As Bilbo once said in a poem: “All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost.”

Gandalf and  Immortal Taoist Taibai Xingjun. (Image:

Gandalf and Immortal Taoist Taibai Xingjun. (Image:

Heaven Marshall Li and (Image:

Heaven Marshall Li and Bilbo. (Image:

Moon Beauty Chang'E is dancing with Elven king. (Image:

Moon Beauty Chang’E is dancing with Elven king Thranduil. (Image:

Legolas comes across the seven beautiful fairies. (Image:

Legolas comes across the seven beautiful fairies. (Image:

They can play the chess. (Image:

Playing chess. (Image:

Gandalf and the Jade Emperor of Heaven are drinking beer and having a good talk. (Image:

Gandalf, the Jade Emperor of Heaven, and King Theoden having a good talk over some beers. (Image:

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