All the Universities in Nanjing City Became Universities of the Ocean

Normal University of Nanjing in the torrential rain. (Image:
Normal University of Nanjing in the torrential rain. (Image:

Nanjing, a city in the lower Yangtze River region, has a history of 6,000 years of civilization, and is one of China’s four ancient capitals. In modern times, Nanjing has become one of the five big cities where China’s higher education resources are most concentrated, and one of China’s three higher education centers.

There are three “university towns” within Nanjing.

Now, the universities and colleges of Nanjing, as well as the students, have been put to a big test—RAIN.

On June 2, heavy rainfall covered the whole province of Jiangsu. In Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu, the maximum volume of the rainfall  in one hour reached 330 million tons of water. On average, each citizen of Nanjing got 40 tons of water pouring onto their head in an hour.

Many students in the university towns shared photos of the waterlogged scene on Weibo, and joked that the universities could change their names to Oriental Venice or College of Seafood.


A natural lake was formed at the school. (Image:

Some nice waterfalls. (Image:

Some nice waterfalls. (Image:


The water was waist deep. (Image:

Bicycles was no longer the most convenient transportation tool on campus. (Image:

Bicycles were no longer the most convenient form of transportation on campus. (Image:

Taking a dragon boat to classes. (Image:

Taking a dragon boat to classes. (Image:

Swim to the classroom. (Image:

Swim to the classroom. (Image:


Or row an inflatable through the campus. (Image:

Good luck to make it to the classroom. (Image:

Good luck making it to the classroom. (Image:

Not a dungeon, it's the cafeteria in the rain. (Image:

Not a dungeon, it’s the cafeteria flooded by the rain. (Image:

Good side is you may get some real fresh and free seafood on campus now. (Image:

The good side is you may get some real fresh and free seafood on campus now. (Image:

Just bring your fish pole. (Image:

Just bring your fishing pole. (Image:

Fresh food on your way. (Image:

Get the fish. (Image:

Catch a shellfish. (Image:

Catch a shellfish. (Image:

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