How Would You Like to Live in an ECOCAPSULE?

Image: Nice Architects
ECOCAPSULE Image: Nice Architects

The Ecocapsule is the latest in tiny home living, where you can live off the grid for up to a year. A Bratislava-based architectural studio called Nice Architects came up with the idea.

ECOCAPSULE Image: Nice Architects

The ECOCAPSULE is fully sustainable. (Image: Nice Architects)

It is powered by a retractable wind-turbine, and is also equipped with solar panels. It captures rain water and inside has a hot shower, kitchenette with running water, and a flushing toilet.

ECOCAPSULE Image: Nice Architects

An Ecocapsule can be placed anywhere. (Image: Nice Architects)

“The biggest challenge was to integrate all the different technologies into the small body of the pod and still have some space left for people. We hope to finish a camper version with wheels before the end of 2016,” Nice Architects told Bored Panda.

ECOCAPSULE Image: Nice Architects

Layout of an Ecocapsule. (Image: Nice Architects)

Despite its small form, each Ecocapsule is fitted with all essentials necessary for a comfortable prolonged stay without a need to recharge or resupply.

Ecocapsule is powered by a built-in wind turbine complemented with an array of solar cells.

The dual power system and a high-capacity battery ensure that you will have enough power during periods of reduced solar or wind activity. The spherical shape is optimized for the collection of rainwater and dew, and the built-in water filters allow you to utilize any water source, Ecocapsule states.

ECOCAPSULE Image: Nice Architects

An Ecocapsule serves many applications. (Image: Nice Architects)

The Ecocapsule “is suitable for a wide range of applications,” such as an “independent research station, or a tourist lodge to an emergency housing, or a humanitarian-action unit,” Bored Panda wrote.

ECOCAPSULE Image: Nice Architects

Ecocapsules on the beach get plenty of wind power. (Image: Nice Architects)

Those interested in buying one will be able to pre-order at the end of 2015, with delivery in the first half of 2016.The first public display of the Ecocapsule will be during Pioneers Festival in Vienna (May 28-29, 2015). Later, it will be displayed in the Slovak national pavilion at Expo 2015, the makers wrote.

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