What Happens to a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone at the Edge of Space?

A Galaxy S6 Edge reaches the stratosphere. (Screenshot/YouTube)
A Galaxy S6 Edge reaches the stratosphere. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Have you ever wondered how a smartphone would go in space? Wonder no more. The guys at Slickwraps, Inc. have the answer for us after they sent a Galaxy S6 Edge into the stratosphere. The entire time being recorded by a number of GoPro cameras.

The team at accessories manufacturer Slickwraps, Inc. mounted a Galaxy S6 smartphone onto a box that was then attached to a high-altitude balloon, and launched it into the sky.

The phone reached the upper levels of the stratosphere.

Galaxy S6 to the edge of space:

The S6 Edge was launched from a secret location within the Peak District National Park. Tesco says its balloon-smartphone-and-duct-tape Android spaceship, while on its journey would reach speeds of 110 mph, temperatures as low as -65°F, and a maximum altitude of 122,264 feet (23.15 miles). The flight itself lasted 3 hours and the phone traveled 111 miles from Wichita, Kansas, to Junction City, Kansas.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge hammer & knife scratch test:

The footage looks like it came straight from the International Space Station, that’s until the balloon bursts sending the smartphone racing back to Earth. Even though it reached speeds of 110 mph, the phone survived the impact with Earth.

Slickwraps describes itself as a “premier source for quality consumer electronics protection and accessories.” The case they used for this video was part of their Natural Series that’s made from bamboo.

This test may come under the “don’t try this one at home” category.

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