50-Year-Old Fetus Found Inside a 92-Year-Old Woman

During a routine pelvic X-ray, Chilean doctors found a 50-year-old 'stone baby' inside a 92-year-old woman. (Image:  Shutterstock)
During a routine pelvic X-ray, Chilean doctors found a 50-year-old 'stone baby' inside a 92-year-old woman. (Image: Shutterstock)

A 50-year-old fetus has been discovered in a 92-year-old woman. The discovery was made by her doctors in Chile. After a fall, the woman was required to have x-rays at a hospital in Natividade, Tocantins State.

The medics who X-rayed her were amazed to find a 20- to 28-week-old ‘stone baby’ inside.

92-year-old woman carries “stone baby” inside for 50 years:

The lithopedion, or sometimes called a “stomach rock” or a “stone child,” was approximately 4.4 pounds (2 kilos). This phenomenon is rare, with only 300 cases being recorded over the last 400 years. It occurs when the fertilized egg is implanted outside of the uterus (known as an ectopic pregnancy).


According to Inquisitr, the director of the hospital, Marco Vargas Lazo, called the case “extraordinarily rare.” While things like this do happen, and have been reported in the past, very few cases have been confirmed over the years. Doctors will not be removing the fetus, even though it takes up the woman’s entire abdominal cavity. The risk is too great, and the surgery can be dangerous, especially for someone at an advanced age.

Doctors find 40-year-old ‘stone baby’ in elderly woman:


A case study in 2000 that was published in the Sao Paulo Medical Journal said: “In this case, a 40-year-old patient had her only pregnancy 18 years earlier, without medical assistance since then. She came to our hospital with pain and tumoral mass of approximately 20 centimetres in diameter.

“Complementary examinations (abdominal X-ray, ultra-sonography, and computerized tomography) demonstrated an extra-uterine abdominal 31-week pregnancy with calcification areas. Exploratory laparotomy was performed, with extirpation of a well-conserved fetus with partially calcified ovular membranes.”

According to the Daily Mail, the woman, who has not been named, told doctors that she became pregnant 44 years ago. After experiencing excruciating pains, she went to a witch doctor, as there were no proper doctors in her village at the time. She claims he prescribed her medication that almost immediately made her feel better.

“Her stomach didn’t grow any more, the baby stopped moving, and she thought it had been aborted,” said Porto Nacional hospital gynaecologist Gesneria Saraiva Kratka, the Daily Mail added.

My advice is if something is not right with your pregnancy, go see a doctor at a hospital, not your local witch doctor.

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