When Salty Meets Sweet, Taste Testing Vegemite Chocolate

When I first saw the abomination that is “Vegemite chocolate” in my local supermarket, I shook my head and thought: “They’ve taken it too far this time!”

I mean, Cadbury makes a decent milk chocolate, so why do we need to go adding and experimenting so outlandishly—with Vegemite, of all things?!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m an Aussie, and Aussies love Vegemite! We grow up with the stuff. This is not about Vegemite, it’s about how liking two things separately does not mean you need to combine them. Chili sauce and ice cream is another example.

But I get Cadbury’s concept. Sometimes, two very different things can work magic together, such as balsamic vinegar drizzled on strawberries, or chocolate and chicken—it’s a bit hit and miss.

For those who don’t know Vegemite, it’s about as Australian as you can get. The dark, pungent, and salty spread that you put on your morning toast adds much flavor to bread, and is touted for being high in vitamin B due to the yeast extract it contains.

Here is the classical TV commercial to share the Australian Vegemite sentiment with you:


What does the taste test guy say? No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!

What did you say when you tried it? Were you brave enough to try it?

Personally, I’m not going there. I like both too much to gamble on this crazy culinary experiment. Chocolate and Vegemite should definitely remain separate, being consumed at opposite ends of the day!

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