‘Loving Lanka:’ A Glimpse of Awakening That Most Travel Videos Lack

“If you really want to get good at something, just go out and do what you love for some time,” Sebastian Linda said, explaining that he quit all his jobs in commercial filmmaking, married his girl, and went to Sri Lanka for three months with his cameras and a vision.

Somehow, Sebastian has managed to really portray a sense of spiritual expansion with Loving Lanka.

It’s the kind of awakening that starts with letting go of the norm and launching into the unknown.

Kids swimming in the ocean, launching off each other's shoulders. (Screenshot/Vimeo)

Kids swimming in the ocean, launching off each other’s shoulders. (Screenshot/Vimeo)

His well-cultivated filming and editing talent, along with still photos and inspiration from his travel companion and new wife, make it stand out. The whole piece is quite hypnotic. There is so much movement and twisting of perspective, but it never makes you feel unbalanced.

Loving Lanka is featured as a Staff Pick on Vimeo this week, and debuts at the Dresden Film Festival 2015.

Loving Lanka film maker Sebastian Linda from Germany. He made friends with the fisherman he would watch from his window in the morning, and went dow to help. (Image: Courtesy of Sebastian Linda)

‘Loving Lanka’ filmmaker Sebastian Linda from Germany. He made friends with the fisherman he would watch from his window in the morning, and went down to help. (Image: Courtesy of Sebastian Linda)

The voice of the late philosopher Allen Watts offers a narrative to the film experience.

Loving Lanka really impressed fellow videographers on Vimeo, and many people had questions for Sebastian, so he’s made a “making of” video explaining his vision and some of his techniques.

Sebastian was interested in creating a film that plays with time and space, and was inspired by Allen Watts.

“We tend to regard ourselves as puppets of the past, driven along by something that is always behind us.” Allen Watts.

Surprizingly, some of what looks like clever editing is actually just old-school manual hand held shooting, the simple way. He rides a skateboard, rather than using dollies, and when the footage twists and spins, he’s done that by hand.

Here’s the link to the Making of Loving Lanka if you’re interested.

Getting the action shots. (Image: Courtesy of Sebastian Linda)

Getting the action shots. (Image: Courtesy of Sebastian Linda)

Are you traveling right?

Long-term traveling is not just going to places to see things and have fun, it is usually a journey we hope will spark an awakening in us. We hope while wandering we can attain a perspective that will allow us to break out of molds that limit us, that have been engrained into our thinking.

We become restless and bored, and exploring the world is often the only cure, but if we don’t nurture our souls and minds on the the way, by seeking that nourishment, and by contemplation, we might come back home only to feel lost.

We grow up in certain social spheres that shape us, the people that love us pass on their wisdom, but in their life experience are their own limitations, which we often carry. Traveling the world is a way of shaking it up and looking at life from a different angle. We hope to meet people that share that longing, or that share their light, a light that might illuminate a patch of shade in our hearts or minds.

Some people come back from a year or so away with a treasure chest of charming and strange memories, and a camera full of photos, but not having found any sparks. Those people perhaps have not been asking the universe the right questions.

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