Cats and Dogs Hate Kisses—Even Ariana Grande Gets Denied (Maybe She Should Have Licked It)

Cats and dogs need to unite against human’s kissing. Kissing them, and kissing each other. They’re not into it one bit. Check out the video for the proof. There’s a simmering disgust with your kissing, if I might go so far.

If you want to annoy them, then go ahead and keep smooching your pooches, but this video is proof that cats and dogs have no tolerance for human kisses.

Humans are alone in their love of kissing. Animals don’t do it. They nudge foreheads, bunt noses, sniff butts—but romantic and sentimental lip kissing doesn’t happen in the animal kingdom. But then again, I am not calling humans animals.

Even Ariana Grande gets denied. Maybe that is why she licked the donuts and said she hates Americans?

Because she was rejected by her beloved feline. I figured it out.

Cats don't even like kisses from Ariana Grande. Maybe she should have licked it? (Screenshot/YouTube)

Cats don’t even like kisses from Ariana Grande. Maybe she should have licked it? (Screenshot/YouTube)

This video brings back memories of me trying to kiss my cats. The paw to the mouth move is very familiar to me. Over and over again, the video shows various YouTubers getting the paw when trying to plant a kiss on their cats. It’s so funny.

This cat just can't. Don't kiss him, he just can't. (Screenshot/YouTube)

This cat just can’t. Don’t kiss him, he just can’t. (Screenshot/YouTube)

But I had a good friend in high school who had really mastered the art of cat communication. She would bunt heads with them gently, and imitate their eye contact. If you stare at a cat then gently close your eyes while simultaneously looking away and reopening, it means you love and trust them for example.

The dogs in this video surprised me though! I thought they were all about overbearing affection for their humans?

Cute dog... (Screenshot/YouTube)

Cute dog… (Screenshot/YouTube)

...hates kisses. (Screenshot/YouTube)

…hates kisses. (Screenshot/YouTube)


Dogs are usually all over their people, overbearingly affectionate, so why don’t they go in for kisses? Is it just these dogs, or is that the norm? Is it some kind of dominant pack behavior for the dog to refuse human affection?


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