Watch the Skill Involved as a Watermelon Transforms Into a Dragon

Watch this skilled person turn a watermelon into a dragon. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Watch this skilled person turn a watermelon into a dragon. (Screenshot/YouTube)

When I go to Chinese restaurants, I am always amazed at the carrots that are carved out as temples. I use to wonder how much time and skill was involved in making them.

Watching this video of a watermelon being carved into a dragon, the artist makes it look so easy.

They start off with a nice clean canvas.

Clean canvas. (Screenshot/YouTube.)

Clean canvas. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Then the artist starts carving away to make those fine details.

Fine details are carved in. (Screenshot/YouTube.)

Fine details are carved in. (Screenshot/YouTube)

After what would have taken a while, the first half is done. Look at those intricate details.

First half done. (Screenshot/YouTube.)

First half done. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Even in the eye you can see the lines that have been done to make it realistic.

Close up of the eye. (Screenshot/YouTube.)

Close-up of the eye. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Here is the masterpiece, all done; it’s just amazing.

Finished product. (Screenshot/YouTube.)

Finished product. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Watch this video of a watermelon being carved into a dragon:

This is one watermelon I would not want to eat, and would just stare at it in awe until it went rotten.


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