Watch Johnny Depp Feed His Adopted Baby Bat, It’s Adorable

Johnny Depp feeding his adopted baby bat named 'Jack Sparrow' (Screenshot/YouTube)
Johnny Depp feeding his adopted baby bat named 'Jack Sparrow' (Screenshot/YouTube)

Johnny Depp is really showing his caring side while filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, in Brisbane, Australia.

First, he surprised the children at the Brisbane Cilento Children’s Hospital dressed as “Jack Sparrow.”

Now, the super star has visited The Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Center, and is sponsoring a baby bat named “Jack Sparrow.”

Depp's adopted baby bat has a pirate themed pacifier. (Screenshot/Facebook.)

Depp’s adopted baby bat has a pirate-themed pacifier. (Screenshot/Facebook)

In the video, he is bottle feeding the gorgeous little bat. The expert at the center is telling Depp the baby bat is teething, and he says: “That’s why she wants that dummy so much, huh?”

Depp’s newest edition to his family is only 10 weeks old and was 7 weeks premature.

Mirror reported, Trish Wimberley from the Australian Bat Clinic has told how the female bat has already formed a close bond with the Oscar nominee.

“She’s met Johnny a couple of times, and he came down to see her again before he flew up to the Whitsundays,” Trish told Gold Coast Bulletin.

“He really has fallen in love with them; he’s quite passionate about bats.”

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