Criminals Beware! Lt. Clay Higgins is the Real Deal, and He’s Gone Viral

If I had to choose any man to be my local police officer, it would be Lt. Clay Higgins. I can only say that the people of St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, are lucky to have him as one of their local law enforcement officers.

He’s like something out of a John Wayne film, but better. The 54-year-old is the real deal, and as you can tell by the above video, he has an old school way with words. Lt. Higgins also served as a SWAT officer for 11 years.

His weekly Crime Stoppers segments on ABC affiliate KATC have quite a following where he calls out criminals wanted for local crimes, such as burglary, theft, and assaults.

Letitia Walker, KATC’s news director, told The Washington Post that what you see is what you get with Lt. Higgins.

“He’s truly authentic,” Walker said. “Nothing is written for him. We show up, and he turns it on, and we just press record. He does everything in one take.”

His video about a break-in at a small supermarket has so far had 1.5 million hits on YouTube. See that video below:

“I think the reason that he’s striking so many people is that he’s a man’s man, but he’s got empathy,” Alex Labat, a KATC anchor, told The Washington Post. “We hear things about law enforcement and the excessive force that they use, but the only weapon Clay Higgins uses are his words.”

Lt. Higgins’ Crime Stoppers segments have even been commented on by the likes of Jimmy Fallon and others in media.

Fallon even jested that he thought that Lt. Higgins should be running for president.

A suggestion that Lt. Higgins—a former army man—has shied away from.

“I’m not ready to be president, and the country is not ready for me to be president,” says Lt. Higgins in the video further below from KATC.

“What we’re trying to do here in St. Landry Parish is to solve crime and deter crime. We want folks to know if you’ve got a mind of committing some criminal act, it probably would be a good idea to pick another parish,” he says.

If you ran for POTUS, you’d get my vote Lt. Higgins. I only wish there were more God-fearing men like you out there.

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