Reach for an Onion When You Next Have an Earache

onion cut into half
Onion, a staple in your kitchen. can be your go-to when you have an earache. (Image: stux/pixabay)

When you have a painful earache, you may take a painkiller and book yourself in to see your doctor as soon as possible. In any case, apart from drops containing alcohol for swimmer’s ear, what else can you do at home?

I recently learned how people in the past commonly used onions to treat and prevent general illness, including back in the days of the Black Plague and the Spanish flu – they were some of the survivors.

Onions are a wonderful food and medicine, these are picked fresh from someone's garden. (Image:valenciamarkyv69/pixabay)

Onions are a wonderful food and medicine, these are picked fresh from someone’s garden. (Image:  Pixabay/ CC0 Public Domain)


Onions prevent disease because they absorb pathogens, and there is powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, in the fresh juice and the vapors.

You can treat an earache two ways; one through holding the warmed-up onion against the sore ear, the other is extracting the fresh juice from the onion and dropping this into your ear passage directly.

It doesn’t matter what kind of onion you use; red, white, brown, or yellow they all fight bacteria and viruses.

Sooth your sore ears with a warm onion

This video explains how to warm a quarter onion in a microwave or oven, wrap it in a towel, and then press it against the painful ear for 20 minutes, or until the pain subsides. The vapors will enter the ear and then the ache should soon subside.

If this does not work, you might want to take the next step and apply the potent onion juice directly onto the inflamed ear infection.

Treat your ear infection with onion juice

By squeezing a fresh onion, grating, or pressing in a a garlic press, extract the juice and pick out any chunks – you don’t want them in your ear.

Next use a teaspoon or a dropper and drop a few drops down into your ear canal, wriggling you ears as you do – to ensure the liquid gets down deep.

If you have used olive oil in your ear before, and you feel comfortable doing it this way, mix the juice into a little olive oil first, then pour that into your ear.

Ear infections are best treated when caught early, so try these two methods as soon you feel the first twinges of pain – you might be able to cancel that doctor’s appointment!

The writer of this story is not a medical professional, and the information that is in this story has been collected from reliable sources and every precaution has been taken to ensure its accuracy. The information provided is for general information purposes only and should not be substituted for professional health care.

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