The Mystery of a Pig That’s Blue on the Inside

Blue fat is all over the pig regardless of the section. (Image: Pixabay)
Blue fat is all over the pig regardless of the section. (Image: Pixabay)

When ranchers in Northern California harvested a pig, the last thing they expected to see was fluorescent-blue fat.

The ranchers were on a Morgan Hill ranch, when they saw the wild pig roaming through the bush. It was then they decided to shoot, and harvest the pig. After shooting it, they drained the blood, and strapped it to an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) to drive home.

When the couple cut the pig open, to their surprise they found the fat to be a fluorescent-blue color. That’s when imgur user GlendilTEK posted images of the pig saying: “So, my in-laws live on a ranch in Morgan Hill, CA, and they shot a wild pig on it. They thought it was a normal pig until they cut it open.”

(Image: GlendilTEK/imgur)

A mysterious blue tone eminates from the wild pig. (Image: GlendilTEK/imgur)

“Just to clarify, since there has been questions they did not start cutting open the pig until they had strapped it to the ATV and driven back home, so most of the blood has left the pigs body at this point,” GlendilTEK added.

According to the original post, the pig was normal in every other way including the meat and blood. It was only the fat within the body that was consistently stained blue. The couple have previously eaten wild pigs from the ranch, and have never come across this before.

GlendilTEK wrote:

‘We have no clue why the fat is this color, but it is all over the pig no matter the section.’

The questions GlendilTEK wanted answered include, if anybody knew why the fat was blue? And whether the meat was safe to eat? He also said that samples were sent to the University of California for testing.

(Image: GlendilTEK/imgur)

This wild pig fat eminates an eery blue. (Image: GlendilTEK/imgur)

In the meantime, the internet has been doing its does best to circulate all sorts of stories about aliens, and a government conspiracy. However, most people seem to agree that it is most likely to be from one of two things; the pig consumed chemicals containing blue dye or it may be a genetic defect. My bet is on the first, the pig had eaten anticoagulant rodenticide (AR) baits, which sometimes contain a blue dye.

(Image: GlendilTEK/imgur)

Could the blue color come from anticoagulant rodenticide? (Image: GlendilTEK/imgur)

The University of California has published an article called “Anticoagulants,” which explains that in California the wildlife are exposed to AR baits.

“Although uncommon, some AR baits contain a dye that causes a marked color change of fat, and tissues in animals after ingestion,” the article stated.

There is even a image of a pig that has the blue fat similar to GlendilTEK’s images.

(Image: GlendilTEK/imgur)

Another wild pig fat sample is examined. (Image: GlendilTEK/imgur)

Through posting comments on the GlendilTEK topic, readers advised the hunter not to eat the meat with good reason: If it is AR, it is extremely toxic.

In the article it states: “Anticoagulants prevent the formation of blood clots, and cause smaller capillaries to rupture. Note blue anticoagulant-stained fat in abdominal cavity of a squirrel caused the animal to bleeds to death internally over a period of a few days to a week.”

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