Unknown Beautiful Places in Taiwan, Part 1

man in Taiwan tourist spot
Capturing the image of one of Taiwan's heavenly places on Earth. (Image: Morgan Calliope via Compfight cc)

Amazing! Secret places in Taiwan comparable to heavenly places on Earth!

I have lived in Taiwan for more than 20 years. A-li Mountain and Sun-Moon Lake are all I know about tourist spots. Recently, I saw photos of some beautiful scenery in Taiwan on the Internet, which I have never heard of… are they Shangrilas in Taiwan? How many of these beautiful sites have you visited?


The border between Jiufen town and Jinguashi town in northeast Taiwan; both were gold mines in early ’90s. (Image: NTD)

Taiwan scenery Nangao Mountain

Nenggao Pasture, part of the central mountain range (3,261 meters high) in eastern Taiwan. (Image: NTD)

Xishi Brook

Xishi Brook, a branch of Kelun River in northern Taiwan. (Image: NTD)

Baiyang Waterfall

Baiyang Waterfall at the Shuiliandong Tunnel in Hualian County in eastern Taiwan. (Image: NTD)


Sea Tunnel near Mudouyu, an uninhabited island of Penghu archipelago to the west of Taiwan proper. (Image: NTD)


Lugu, a hill in Nantou County in central Taiwan that produces the famous high-quality Wulong tea. (Image: NTD)

Ligi Moon World

Ligiyueshijie (Ligi Moon World) in the rift valley in eastern Taiwan. (Image: NTD)

ERzi Mountain

Erzi Mountain, part of the Central Mountain Range in eastern Taiwan. (Image: NTD)

How gorgeous! Here are heavenly places on Earth! Visit these sites if possible by any means, but many of them look like they are not easily accessible… (to be continued).

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